Friday, May 24, 2013

Ke$ha drank her own pee

Singer Kesha drank her own urine!!! It was on t.v.!!! Im not making this up!


She said she was doing it because she says it is good for your body to drink your own pee but
that just sounds like crazy talk to me! How many doctors have you been to that say you should drink some of your own urine? 0. That's how many am i right?

If she wanted to drink something healthy she could have chosen water which is the most healthy thing to drink because it has only 0 calories and no fat and can help hydrate your body! Other good drinks that are more healthy than drinking her own pee include water with lemons in it, water with limes in it, water with lemons and limes in it and a whole bunch of other non-urine related drinks!!! Kesha don't you  ever read anything? LOL! So now you know not to mimic Ke$ha and drink your own urine, but to make more healthy drink choices!!!!

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