Saturday, May 18, 2013

Maritime stuff works as decor

Salvaged and authentic maritime goods can be a great way to spruce up any old room in your house!!!

If your a sailor or a pirate or just like the salty scent of the sea and you are getting sick of the way a room in your house looks you should consider redecorating it with a maritime theme! Its easier than it looks! All you need is a bunch of old junk and old crap from old boats, a hammer, some nails and a bit of artistic flair to redecorate your room and make into your new favorite room of the house!!!

If you happen to live far away from the ocean like in nebraska or just dont have the time to rip a bunch of junk out of abandoned boats no sweat! Many companies specialize in finding weathered old crap from boats, ships and dingys and can help you find treasures to put on your walls when you redecorate. Nothing says style like seeing an old ships wheel or a couple oars on a wall when you go into someone's house, right!!! So now you know that you can redecorate your living room and capture the spirit of the boundless waves!!!

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