Saturday, May 25, 2013

Redheads aren't going extinct

Redheads aren't really going extinct after all!!!

If your a redhead or your a fan of redheads you may have been very concerned to hear that your race was dying out because of genetic stuff that was happening to the human race!

This is not a dinosaur!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well not true!! Redheads are a type of people who are not going to just up and die off and go the way of the dinosaurs or dodo or jackalope! They're here to stay!!!

Redheads will make the world a better place if we celebrate biodiversity and cultural respect so we should stop kick a ginger day because its cruel to be like that to anyone, even if they happen to have red hair!!! J/K gingers I'd never kick you!

Even though they wont go extinct that doest mean the future is all dandy for red headed people, who are sometimes called ginggers. While kick a ginger day seems funny, some people may want to perform a genocide on people based upon their hair color. It is a very very frigtheing idea if you think about it because it's a lot like nazi death camp tactics, but with hair. the singer MIA shows how this is like:

So now you know that red head people arent all going to die out and everyone who says otherwise is just dumb or a hoax!!!

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