Friday, May 24, 2013

Substitute applesauce for oil

You can make a recipe healthier by swapping applesauce instead of oil!!!

If you ever walked down the street and saw how many fat people are also walking down the street (or riding on rascal's, LOL!!!!) you know that the U.SA is having an obesity epidemic!!! While its sad and unhealthy and gross that so many people are fat it is purely preventable with a little extra help!!!

One way to help cut your wasteline down to a more healthy size is by using apple sauce in your cooking recipes instead of using oil when your cooking! All you do is use applesauce instead of oil! And then your cooking automatically becomes more healthier for you to eat and you won't know the difference from the old recipe!!! Unless you have a super tastebuds, LOL!!!

Its important for your heart not to be too fat and it also helps you feel more self confidence if you aren't all flabby and stuff like that, so its a good idea to try to make yourself as skinny as you can. So now you know one way by using applesauce that you can fix bad recipes and get skinny and feel better about yourself!!!!!!

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