Friday, May 2, 2014

Rob Zombie Sings a Metallica Song

Rob Zombie got on stage and played this one song "Enter the Sandman" that was once recorded by Metallica!!!! This is the most metal moment in history if you ask me!!!

In case you dont know of Robert Zombie, hes a singer with really long hair who likes guitars to be really loud. A lot of people dont know this, but Metallica used to be a band of guys with really long hair (I blogged about this back in the day) who also liked guitars to be really loud, but not any more.

So Rob Zombie was having a Rob Zombie Concert and was probably all 'I'm in North Myrtle Beach, S.C.!!!!! Its the metal capital of the world!!!!! I must do something totally metal!" So he did. And what he did was to teach his band the Metallica song Enter the Sandman so they could play it. And they did.

You can read about it here and there is a big video of him. Its cool. He talks and talks and talks a lot before the Metallica song and talks so much that once his band starts entering the sandman, people don't even care that its not his song. They cheer anyway!!!! I would have screamed so loud if I was there because this is totally satanic and metal!

The only way this could have been more metal is if Rob Zombie could have brought back Cliff Burton back as another zombie to be part of his band to play his song! LOL, j/k! Its really sad that Cliff Burton died so don't joke about it because it was a really sad bus accident.

Ok, so now if you didn't know about Rob Zombie playing a Metallica song and how metal it was, now you know!

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